05165 CELOX Hemostatic - 35 gram

CELOX Hemostatic - 35 gram

Product No. #05165

NSN: 6510-01-549-6058

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CEC: SPM2D0-09-D-0009

CELOX is an effective high-performance hemostatic material. It is a proprietary marine biopolymer chitosan designed to stop high-volume arterial bleeding. CELOX hemostatic can be used for various applications from deep arterial bleeds to superficial wounds.

Controls Major Arterial Bleeding
CELOX’s unusual properties have been confirmed in wound models, where they have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to rapidly control major arterial bleeding (without cautery) from traumatic wounds. The granular presentation provides a simple, quick and effective way to stop bleeding and is particularly useful in treating difficult and deep wounds. A clot forms at the site of the injured blood vessel within minutes after pouring the product into the wound. Excess granules form a gelled mass to protect the clot. The gelled material is easy to remove.

No Known Side Effects
CELOX hemostatic does not generate any heat nor does it embed itself into the wound. CELOX is derived from shellfish but it does not cause allergic reaction.

Works on All Blood Temperatures
CELOX works whether blood temperature is 98.7°F (37.05°C) or 65.4 F (18.5 °C).

Works on Heparinized Blood
CELOX hemostatic works on heparinized blood because it works independently of blood clotting factors.

Lightweight, Portable, Easy to Administer
CELOX granules are lightweight, packaged in sterilized, sealed packets that are easy and fast to open. CELOX is to be poured into the wound and held down with gauze for 5 minutes. A compression bandage is then wrapped over the gauze covered wound and patient can be transported.

Available in 15gr and 35gr.

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