Chinook strives to be the premier source for custom pre-hospital medical solutions to treat injuries and save lives.

Chinook is a veteran-owned, minority-owned small business committed to becoming the premier single source provider of custom medical solutions suited to any field emergency medical situation. We work diligently to equip first care providers from Military, Government and Private sectors with high quality products to treat injuries and save lives.


• With respect, we hold ourselves and each other accountable to the measures and practices that shape our business and values.

Commitment to Excellence
• Our team’s passion, energy and positive attitude never stops working to bring about continuous improvement and innovation in all
aspects of the business.

Exceptional Customer Service
• In being customer centric we listen, we respond quickly, we develop and customize to meet the customer’s needs.

• We promote cross-departmental dialogue and a culture of sharing ideas. We leverage strengths and support the team as a whole in achieving success.

• We value trust and authenticity as a business. We believe that honesty and ‘doing the right thing’ will drive the most optimal results.

Mutual Respect
• We conduct ourselves in a mature and professional manner. We respect one another’s ideas and opinions.

Employee Satisfaction
• We understand that happy employees make for a successful business. We strive to provide a meaningful and supportive work environment where employees can thrive.


Since 1992, Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. has been providing custom medical solutions for the harshest environments on Earth. We specialize in supporting government agencies, military units, private military contractors, corporations, outfitters and individuals with the latest technology in medical containers, modules, supplies, and kits. Our line of products includes the Gamow Bag (portable hyperbaric chamber), pulse oximeters, oxygen systems, survival gear, insect protection, evacuation and transport equipment, and the latest in trauma, intubation, and resuscitation supplies. We also generate custom quotes for any medical-related items.

A veteran-owned small business, Chinook is committed to becoming the leading single source provider of products suited to any emergency medical situation.