Here at Chinook we are conscious of our impact on the environment and our community. We make every effort to incorporate Green practices in any area of the business we can.
Here is a list of what we came up with to name a few... and as new ideas arise, we do our best to see if we can incorporate them too!

  •     Buy Green Power for our electricity
  •     Turn down thermostats at night 
  •     Keep thermostats at a minimum when we are here
  •     We fully regulate our air conditioning usage (only turn it on if/when we need it)
  •     Buy recycled office paper when possible
  •     Reuse as much internal office paper as possible (after finishing use on one side, we then use the other side too! There are several of us who only print on the back side of paper that has already been used.)
  •     Recycle all unusable boxes, paper, glass, plastic, cans, ink cartridges and laser toners, etc.
  •     Reuse all boxes that come into our office for shipping (as long as they are in good shipping condition!)
  •     Hibernate our computers at night, and turn our monitors off. We shut down on the weekends.
  •     We have a bear proof dumpster (necessary in the mountains here!)
  •     Only have reusable dishes, cups, utensils, etc. at work – no disposables!
  •     Encourage use of cloth towels instead of paper towels and hand towels in the kitchen and bathrooms
  •     Several of our employees ride their bikes to work on a daily basis! Others make the effort when possible.
  •     We do not turn on lights unless they are needed. Several areas of our building get enough natural light that we do not need to use overhead lighting.
  •     Although most of our space is lit by fluorescent tube lighting, where we can, we swap out for CFB.
  •     We fax from our PC’s to eliminate the need to print a copy to fax
  •     We email invoices, statements, quotes, orders, etc. where possible to eliminate printing and mailing them
  •     Our warehouse ships complete whenever possible to eliminate multiple shipments, saving gas and packaging usage
  •     We donate a percentage of our net profits to organizations that fit certain criteria (environment, education, local)
  •     We reuse what ever we can! (folders, furniture, cabling, power strips, filing cabinets, you name it!)
  •     We try to buy used! (Filing cabinets, office chairs, desks, dishes have been purchased used for our offices!)
  •     Properly dispose of electronics when no longer usable
  •     We donate products on occasion when we have to purge stock instead of throwing it away.
  •     Any product not in sellable condition is reused for display or demo or is donated.
  •     Replace filters on furnace and air conditioner regularly
  •     Store needed documents electronically instead of printing