01399 Chinook MedsPAK

Chinook MedsPAK

Product No. #01399

Be it a headache or hay fever, heartburn or high temperature, sometimes we all want better living through chemistry. Meet the Chinook MedsPAK. Pocket size, with a complete selection of over the counter medications, this PAK is just what the doctor ordered. So take one of these, and rest easy in the morning.

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Chinook MedsPAK (Personal Aid Kit)

We've taken our 20+ years of field medical experience with the US Military, Government and Law Enforcement and put it into this Personal Aid Kit. Weighing in at only 3.7oz and measuring a mere 3 ¾”x5 ¾”x1 ¾”, it’s small and light enough to take anywhere but complete with the proper over the counter medications to treat common ailments. This PAK is perfect for:
  • Home
  • Vehicle
  • Work
  • Hunting
  • Backcountry
  • Camping
  • Emergency Preparedness
This PAK features a clear, waterproof, zip closure aLOKSAK® capable of protecting your first aid items while allowing rapid visual identification and access to needed supplies.

(6)   Acetaminophen, 2/pk (Analgesic)
(6)   Aspirin, 2/pk (Analgesic)
(6)   Diamode, 1/pk (Anti-diarrheal)
(6)   Diotame, 2/pk (Stomach)
(6)   Diphen, 1/pk (Antihistamine)
(6)   Ibuprofen, 2/pk (Anti-inflammatory)
(2)   Hydration Powder

Dimensions: 3.75” x 5.75” x 1.75”
Weight: 3.7 oz

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