03962 Saline Lock - Standard (TMM-SL-S)

Saline Lock - Standard (TMM-SL-S)

Product No. #03962

The TMMô-SL-S contains needle and needleless injection ports for saline lock placement, smallbore extension set with MicroClave, and 10cc syringe for obtaining blood specimen as requested by Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center.

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Chinook Tactical Medical Module - Saline Lock - Standard (TMM-SL-S)

The TMMô-SL-S contains the necessary items for starting and securing a saline lock during situations that require quick and effective extremity venous cannulation. Exceeds all requirements for initiating a saline lock in accordance with U.S. Army Task 081-835-3025. Included are needle and needleless injection ports, smallbore extension set with MicroClave, and 10cc syringe for obtaining blood specimen. Vacuum packed for easy access and storage.

To ensure timely shipments of our kits and modules, we may substitute items where necessary.

(1)†† PosiFlush, Sodium Chloride 0.9%, 5 cc
(1)†† IV Start Kit with Tegaderm
(1)†† MicroClave w/ Smallbore Ext.
(1)†† Needle, 18 gx1.5"
(2)†† IV Catheter, 18 gx1.25"
(1)†† Syringe, Sterile, 10 mL

Dimensions: 5” x 6” x 1”
Weight: 2.3 oz

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5 out of 5 stars Excellent, Comprehensive kit! 11/13/2016
Reviewer: Anthony Petrillo from SAVANNAH, GA US
This is the only IV start kit I have found which contains all of the equipment you need to start a saline lock or IV in one package. Usually, needles, locks and flushes are excluded. My only complaint would be that the extension tubing is small-bore, and it's best to have large bore tubing for fluid resuscitation. One could attach the administration set directly to the IV catheter in this situation, but most nurses and medics attach extension tubing to all IVs so that it is easier to change out administration sets.
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