05124 ActCel Hemostatic Gauze - 2x2

ActCel Hemostatic Gauze - 2x2

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Recent developments in technology have allowed this revolutionary gauze to change the way EMS professionals treat their patients. ActCel was developed as a tool to provide medical professionals the ability to stop bleeding in the most efficient manner possible.

ActCel hemostatic gauze, created from regenerated cellulose, is an effective, patented hemostatic agent registered with the FDA. Upon contact with blood, ActCel gauze instantly converts to a collagen like gel which expands to cause direct pressure on blood vessels and control bleeding. Hemostatic Gauze is water-soluble and the gel can be removed easily when water, saline or hydrogen peroxide is applied.

Actcel gauze is best used to stop bleeding for the following conditions:
Wound and clot protection
Small cuts and abrasions
Nose Bleeds

Although ActCel can be used in any bleeding situation, the 2x2 size has been widely used in the dental industry .

The 4x4 gauze size is best suited to perform under the most demanding bleeding control situations.

This gauze has continually outperformed the competition when used in the field by emergency medical professionals where blood loss control is imperative. Shelf life is 4 years from manufacture date.

Sold individually packaged (not as a box).

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