06001 Gamow Bag Hyperbaric Chamber, Civilian Model

Gamow Bag Hyperbaric Chamber, Civilian Model

Product No. #06001

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This is a unique, portable Hyperbaric Chamber used for the treatment of Acute Mountain Sickness. By increasing air pressure around the patient, the Bag simulates descent of as much as 7,000 feet, thus relieving AMS symptoms. The Bag is constructed of durable nylon and reinforced with circular nylon straps. A lengthwise zipper permits easy access and egress for the patient, and 4 clear windows allow visual contact. The Bag is pressurized with ambient air to 2 pounds per square inch by use of a foot pump. Everything fits into a red pack with carrying handle, shoulder strap, and backpack straps.

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If purchasing or renting a Gamow Bag from within the U.S., a physician's prescription is required.

Pack size: 22" x 15" x 9"
Dimensions of inflated bag: 84" x 21"
Color: Red
Total weight: 12.7 lb

Bag: 6.1 lb
Pack: 2.05 lb
Pump: 4.4 lb
Manual: 0.15 lb

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