AFAK: Aptus First Aid Kit (Bag Only)

Product No. #023151PA
AFAK: Aptus First Aid Kit (Bag Only)
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The Aptus First Aid Kit was designed to be easily accessible no matter where it is mounted yet securely retained.

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The Aptus AFAK can be mounted via MOLLE/PALS or belt loop. It can also be mounted with the optional FUPA (Flexible Under Plate Adapter) kit to make it a hanging style pouch*, or the optional MFR (MOLLE Fanny Retrofit) kit to make it a fanny pack/bumbag**.

The front of the AFAK has a 2"x3" field of loop for attaching patches to identify the AFAK as a medical pouch. It also has two elastic retention bands on the top and bottom that are able to hold all CoTCCC recommended tourniquets, shears, hook knife, gloves, or other similar sized items.

The AFAK can be accessed ambidextrously via our unique tab and pull handle system designed to be tactilely unique when grabbing with gloved hands, in the dark, or out of the end users sightline.

The insert is a hook and loop closed quad fold design eliminating the possibility of a jammed zipper due to dirt, debris, or sand.  Once opened the quad fold insert clearly displays the casualty card while protecting it in a clear pouch.

The included elastic organizer can hold an array of popular medical interventions, or if desired the Aptus LVAK (Low Visability Aid Kit) can replace the included elastic organizer. Once emptied the open arms of the quad fold insert can be wrapped around the arm or lower leg of the casualty and secured drawing attention to, and attaching, the the casualty card to the patient.

If desired a hook backed marker, such as the Patient by Precedence Marker, can be attached to the loop field above the casualty card to further mark/identify the casualty.