M.I.T.S. - Multi-Insertion Training System Composite IV Trainer

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M.I.T.S. - Multi-Insertion Training System Composite IV Trainer
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This product is a Composite Model of the Mochtech Multi-Insertion Training System. The IV Trainer is designed for the civilian market as well as the military applications where conditions may be less extreme. Constructed from high-grade injection molded plastic resulting in a training device that is dependable in more controlled situations. Read More

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M.I.T.S. is a compact and self-contained training device used for practicing multiple needle insertion techniques on a single product whenever needed. Traditional needle insertion training products are only made for a classroom setting but this M.I.T.S. is portable, giving one the ability to train at any time. Replacement products are also available.

M.I.T.S. can be configured into multiple specific skills training platforms:

• IV Access (rolling, static vein and wet stick validation)︎

• IV Drip Rate • Luer /Saline Lock

• Saline Flush / Med Push

• Transparent / Occlusive dressing (Derma clips , Tegaderm type )

• Suturing Skills

• ︎Needle Decompression

• Emergency Crico

• Constricting Band / TQ

Individual trainer includes (fully assembled):

• 2 End Caps

• 1 MITS Body (The Blue Tube)

• 1 2ft of Red Tubing

• 1 2ft of Blue tubing

• 1 Mitskin

• 1 Flesh pad

• 1 Stopcock

• 1 Syringe

• 1 Red Clip

• 1 White Clip