HemCon Bandage Pro - 4x4

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HemCon Bandage Pro - 4x4
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The Hemcon Bandage is an FDA-cleared pliable,steral,chitosan dressing capable of stopping severe external hemorrhage trauma and penetrating injury.
2/2019 exp. date

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CEC: SPM2D0-09-D-0009

2/2019 exp. date

The HemCon® Bandage is an FDA-cleared pliable, sterile, chitosan dressing capable of stopping severe external hemorrhage following trauma and penetrating injury. The HemCon Bandage significantly outperformed the standard of care (gauze) with significant improvements in survival, blood loss, and the number of applications of either pressure or dressings required to achieve hemostasis.

The HemCon Bandage is also a powerful barrier against MRSA and other dangerous bacteria. The antibacterial properties of chitosan have been investigated using a wide range of gram positive and gram negative organisms. Results demonstrated that chitosan ultimately disrupted the bacterial cell membranes. Included in those tested were Staphylococcus aureus, Acinetobacter baumanii and Enterococcus faecalis with >99.99 percent reduction.

Manufactured from a natural product called chitosan, fabricated into a flat bandage using proprietary techniques
Supplied sterile in a sealed foil vapor barrier package
Labeled for single use only
Stable at room temperature.
Can be supplied in various sizes.
Provides rapid control of moderate and severe external hemorrhage
Simple to use
Cost effective
Adheres tightly to the site of the application
Forms a strong durable non-occlusive clot
Seals the injury site to stop bleeding
Provides an antibacterial barrier

The HemCon Bandage is safe, durable, highly effective, and does not contain human proteins or clotting factors.



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