Gen 1 IFAK Insert (Empty)

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Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. Gen 1 IFAK Insert (Empty)
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Chinooks Gen 1 TMK-IFAK Insert is a simple yet highly organized way to hold your medical supplies. The Insert is specifically designed to fit inside our new TMK-IFAK Pouch or most standard AR/M4 double mag pouches

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Chinook Tactical Medical Kit – Individual First Aid Kit (TMK™-IFAK) Insert

Chinook’s Gen 1 TMK-IFAK Insert is a low profile medical panel that utilizes multiple retainer bands to secure and organize medical supplies. In combination with a slip resistant material, the retainer bands allow for the removal of individual medical supplies without dislodging others. There is a large red grab handle at the top of the insert that makes it easy to identify, grasp, and deploy single-handedly; simply grab the red handle, pull the Insert out, and open the Insert with the access tab.

There is a 1” webbing loop sewn on the outside of the Insert for a leash attachment point.

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Size: 8" x 3" x  1"
Weight: 4 oz.
Available Colors: Black & Coyote Brown

Bag is Berry Amendment Compliant and Made in USA

MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatible with PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing.



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