Gen 1 IFAK Pouch & Insert (Empty)

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Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. Gen 1 IFAK Pouch & Insert (Empty)
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Chinook's Gen 1 TMK-IFAK Pouch is designed with space and ease of use in mind. Simply open the pouch with the access tab and pull the elevator strap to deploy the medical supplies.

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Chinook Tactical Medical Kit – Individual First Aid Kit (TMK™-IFAK) Pouch & Insert

The Gen 1 TMK-IFAK Pouch and Insert is designed to hold the necessary medical supplies to treat the three leading causes of preventable deaths on the battlefield: Exsanguination, Tension Pneumothorax, and Airway Obstruction. The TMK-IFAK Pouch and Insert combines the unique design of both the IFAK Pouch and IFAK Insert into one complete system for quick and easy access to medical supplies; simply open the Pouch via the pouch access tab, remove the Insert with the large red grab handle, and open the Insert by pulling on its access tab.
Using the elevator strap as a leash will allow the Pouch and Insert to be tethered together so that essential medical gear is never out of reach or dropped.

MOLLE compatible with PALS webbing.

The TMK-IFAK Insert is made of 3” Military Spec Webbing.

TMK-IFAK Pouch & Insert TMK-IFAK Pouch TMK-IFAK Insert
TMK-IFAK Pouch & Insert (Empty) TMK-IFAK Pouch (Empty) TMK-IFAK Insert (Empty)



Size: 10" x 3" x 2.5"
Weight: 8 oz.
Available Colors:

  • Black Pouch w/ black Insert
  • Coyote brown Pouch w/ coyote brown Insert
  • Multi-cam Pouch w/ coyote brown Insert
  • Olive drab Pouch w/ black Insert

Bag is Berry Amendment Compliant and Made in USA

MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatible with PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing.



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