NuMask Basic CPR Kit (IOM)

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NuMask, Inc. NuMask Basic CPR Kit (IOM)

Based on the NuMask patented IntraOral Mask (IOM), the NuMask CPR Kit utilizes the same intra-oral placement to obtain a leak free wet seal.

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NuMask CPR Kit with one-way valve.
  • Superior Rescuer and Victim Protection
  • Compact and Durable
  • Smallest Mask Available
  • Longer Shelf Life

Superior Protection and Function - Based on the NuMask patented IntraOral Mask (IOM), the NuMask CPR Kit utilizes the same intra-oral placement to obtain a leak free wet seal. Our one-handed grip allows a single rescuer to easily obtain perfect seals with each and every breath. The smooth flow one-way valve with its hydrophobic filter also allows maximal protection for both the rescuer and the victim. Available in a much smaller case than traditional pocket CPR masks, NuMasks enhanced sealing and simple grip makes learning mouth-to-mask ventilation easier and more effective with greater skill retention over time.Learn More >

Revolutionary Design - Without the inflated cushion common to outmoded full-faced CPR masks, NuMask ensures: increased durability, longer shelf life, no cushion leak risks, an imperviousness to atmospheric pressure changes (high altitude rescue/aviation transport/hyperbaric environment). The NuMask CPR mask retains its effectiveness in sub-zero temperatures, making it the ideal cold weather rescue necessity.

Techical Breakthrough - NuMasks revolutionary medical design provides multiple barriers between the rescuer and the victims mouth, including increased physical distance alleviating rescuer apprehension. Due to the clear IOM and more comfortable rescuer-to-victim distance, assessments of victims status --- chest rise, spontaneous respiration, IOM stem fogging, secretions -- become more expedient and accurate. This breakthrough innovation also minimizes transitioning time, from chest compression to ventilation. NuMask remains in the victims mouth during CPR, allowing the provider to repeat perfectly sealed rescue breaths quickly and easily, without wasting valuable time with re-insertions and readjustments.

Inovative Solutions - Traditional pocket CPR masks require a strong hold with both hands on the victims face while combating the challenges of facial features and hair. Traditional facemasks are problematic and not flexible in provider care. For example, the rescuer and victim are limited by a best results positioning during ventilation prescribed at the head of bed. Although the NuMask CPR mask can be used with the provider at the head of the victim (with alternative NuMask grip), it is also designed for side of victim positioning with a similar grip as the traditional mouth-to-mouth technique. Its familiar technique ensures that anyone can learn it quickly and achieve a perfect seal each time. Transitioning from head of victim to side of victim with each compression and ventilation cycle is no longer necessary thanks to NuMask, saving time while providing the most effective single rescuer CPR possible any time, anywhere.


  • Superior rescuer and victim protection
  • Replaceable easy flow one-way valve with hydrophobic filter
  • Soft and flexible
  • Increased distance between rescuer and victim
  • Durable Nitrile gloves and disinfecting wipes
  • New patented breakthrough design
  • Smallest fully functional mask on the market
  • Longer shelf life
  • Custom fit OPA
  • Rugged and durable
  • No leaks regardless of facial features, facial hair, or lack of dentition
  • One size seals all
  • Intra-oral placement
  • No inflatable cushion
  • Latex-free
  • See-through translucence
User Ease
  • Easy to learn, use, and remember
  • Anatomically designed
  • Single provider control
  • Easily attaches to resuscitator bag for smooth transition to advanced life support
  • Quick and smooth changeover between ventilation and chest compression for single rescuer
  • Ventilate from any position
  • Multiple grip styles for user comfort and ease


  • Contains: 1 ea IOM (IntraOral Mask) with one way valve in a Poly Bag. (no case or alcohol pad included)
  • Single Use
  • Latex Free



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