Giving Back

Guardian Initiatives:
Guardian Initiatives was founded in 2019, and was created specifically to raise awareness, money, and support for individuals or groups that have been negatively affected by a tragic event(s). 

As their premier initiative, Guardian is proud to be supporting first responder mental health and wellness.  This initiative has been designed to be a continual program and not a one-time event.

Their Cause: Guardian is working to raise awareness and funding for first responder mental wellness and suicide prevention.
Their Initiative: In December 2022, Team Guardian will race in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Chinook™ Medical Gear, Inc. is honored to partner with Guardian Initiatives to bring awareness and support to law enforcement and first responders within our communities so that they may have access to training and treatment.

To learn more about the Guardian Initiatives mission, please visit their website here.

To donate to Guardian Initiatives, please visit their website here.