About Us

Chinook Medical Gear is a certified Veteran Owned and Native American 8(a) Owned Small Business that provides custom medical solutions for the harshest environments. Since 1990, Chinook Medical Gear has specialized in outfitting government agencies, military units, contractors, corporations, adventure companies, and individuals with the latest medical gear. Our diverse line of products includes military and law enforcement medical kits to home, travel, and public access medical kits. We also produce a wide range of procedure specific medical modules. Chinook’s staff consists of industry experts who specialize in designing trusted solutions for any emergency medical need.


Chinook Medical Gear exists to deliver custom medical solutions for pre-hospital care, enabling medical providers to save lives and aid the injured.


Do the Right Thing
We believe that ‘doing the right thing’ is a matter of honesty, integrity, and authenticity that will foster long lasting win-win relationships.

We listen and respond quickly to our customer’s needs, providing them with custom solutions they can trust.  

Commitment to Excellence
Our team focuses their passion, energy, and expertise on all aspects of the business to bring about continuous improvements and quality innovation.

Collaborative Solutions
We promote a culture of sharing ideas with our customers and workforce. As a team we leverage strengths and life experiences to reach effective solutions and achieve success.