The innovative SMRT wearable surgical airway trainer, creates an unmatched experience of realism. Our patented system allows for quick reset making it ideal for skills stations or dynamic scenario training.

Burn wounds are painful and takes purposeful consideration in training. The SMRT burn wounds are wearable, realistic and ideal for your medical training needs.

Whether you are conducting a military training course or response to terrorist attacks, blast injury training is critical. Enhance your blast injury medical training with these innovative wearable training aids.

Blunt force trauma is among the most common causes of death. Increase the realism of your current medical drills by adding SMRT's line of high impact wounds.

Penetrating trauma is all too common within the United States. Prepare your team for the unique challenges posed by gunshot wounds through realistic training.

The SMRT training moulage offers a ready to use pump systems that simulates active bleeding with all trauma training aids. Additionally, all SMRT bleeding systems are compatible with common hydration systems for integration with your current equipment.

The SMRT comprehensive moulage training kits are ideal for training organizations with realistic, hand-on training in mind. Whether you train locally or take your education on the road, the SMRT system has a kit to meet your needs.

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