Chest Tube (TMM-CT)

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Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. Chest Tube (TMM-CT)

The TMM-CT is a compact convenience kit that includes the essential supplies for performing a chest tube insertion in the field. Medical supplies are internally modularized for ease of use.

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The TMM-CT is designed for the emergency chest tube thoracostomy and contains all the supplies needed for a field insertion. This tactical medical module is to be used only by those who have formal training in this procedure.

Inside of the TMM-CT, all supplies are internally organized and packaged based on the three steps of the procedure: Prep, Insert, and Secure.

Available on ECAT.

*Not made with natural rubber latex. Single Use Only/RX Only.


  • Modularized supplies for ease of use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Vacuum-packed for easy access and storage

To provide timely shipments of our kits and modules, we may substitute items where necessary.

Special Operations Chest Tube Tactical Medical Module also available: TMM-CT-SO



Size: 7" x 10" x 1.75" *
Weight: 12 oz *




(1)  Sterile Drape
(2)  Surgical Nitrile Glove
(1)  ChloraPrep Swabstick, 5.25 mL (3 swabsticks)

(1)  One-way Chest Drain Valve
(1)  Soft Chest Tube, 36 Fr
(1)  Rochester-Pean Forceps, CVD, 8
(1)  Scalpel, Sterile, #10

(1)  Hemostat, Kelly Forceps Curved, 5.5"
(1)  Suture Silk, FSL 0
(2)  Petroleum Gauze, 3" x 9"
(2)  Split Sponge, 4" x 4", 6-Ply
(1)  Surgical Tape, 1" x 1.5 yd.



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