Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool (JETT)

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North American Rescue Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool (JETT)
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This compact, lightweight and rugged device simultaneously occludes blood flow to both lower limbs without impeding respiration.

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The Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool (JETT) includes two pressure devices in a single tool, allowing for simultaneous occlusion of blood flow to both lower limbs (bilateral) with an easy to apply, pre-assembled, ready-to-use belt solution. The unique design of the JETT allows for patient transport while the device is in place and includes a lanyard and toggle solution to ensure that the Windlass Axle does not loosen due to vibration or bumps during transport.

In cases where there are bilateral injuries, the JETT offers a simple, safe solution for occluding blood flow to both lower extremities. This expanded capability is built into every JETT, meaning that with standardized application training the device will be pre-positioned for rapid bilateral deployment whether applying for a unilateral or bilateral injury.

High extremity wounds in the thigh/groin region where tourniquets cannot be placed or are less effective require equipment such as the JETT to stop the bleeding and potentially save the life of a casualty that would otherwise bleed out in minutes. Penetrating trauma, blast injuries and amputation are examples of injuries that may require treatment with this device.

Customers must submit a Medical License Authorization form prior to placing an order. We require this information before we can fill an order.

Product images, video and description courtesy of North American Rescue LLC.


Packaged: 3.25" x 5.25" x 6.75"
Overall Device Length: 56.75"; Fits waist up to 50"
Weight: 1 lb 9.6 oz



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