Ultra-Lite Gamow Bag

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The Ultra-Lite Gamow™ Bag is a unique, portable hyperbaric chamber for the treatment of acute mountain sickness (AMS). Packaged in a lightweight nylon drawstring bag, the Gamow Bag and foot pump weighs 5 lbs less than the standard Gamow Bag.

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The Ultra-Lite Gamow Bag (pronounced 'Gam-off') is a unique, portable hyperbaric chamber for the treatment of altitude sickness. By increasing air pressure around the patient, the Gamow Bag simulates a descent of several thousand feet, thus improving the symptoms of acute mountain sickness (AMS). The Ultra-Lite Gamow Bag is constructed of a durable lightweight nylon fabric and reinforced with circular nylon webbing that is capable of litter carry. A lengthwise zipper allows for easy entrance and exit for the patient, and the two clear windows allow for patient monitoring. The Gamow Bag is pressurized with ambient air up to 2 psi by use of a lightweight foot pump; there is a release valve to prevent over-inflation.

The Ultra-Lite Gamow Bag and foot pump are packaged in a lightweight nylon drawstring bag for transportation and weighs a total of 7.7 lbs, making it 5 lbs lighter than the standard Gamow Bag.

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NSN 6515-01-504-6306
DAPA: SP0200-08-H-0030
CEC: SPM2D0-09-D-0009

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Total Weight: 7.7 lbs.

  • Bag: 4.65 lbs.
  • Carry Bag: 0.25 lbs. 
  • Pump: 2.55 lbs.
  • Manual: 0.25 lbs.

Pack Size: 18.5" x 13.75" x 7"
Inflated Gamow Bag Size: 84" x 21"
Color: Black



(1)  Gamow Bag
(1)  Carry Bag
(1)  Foot Pump
(1)  Manual



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