Bleeding & CPR Advanced Kit

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Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. Bleeding & CPR Advanced Kit
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The EPMK - Bleeding & CPR Advanced Kit is a mandatory supplement to any medical kit lacking the proper supplies to address Severe Bleeding and CPR.
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The EPMK – Bleeding and CPR Advanced Kit offers a combination of CPR and Severe Bleeding supplies, which can be used independently or added to a basic first aid kit to enhance its ability to handle true life-threatening emergencies.

Packaged in our compact and lightweight Minimalist bag, the Bleeding & CPR Advanced Kit contains a professional Ambu® Res-Cue CPR mask, a SWAT-Tourniquet, a 25-gram QuikClot sponge, an emergency trauma bandage, and a roll of compressed gauze for bleeding control. The kit also includes gloves for personal protection.

The Minimalist bag is made of 420 Denier Ripstop Nylon.

To provide timely shipments of our kits and modules, we may substitute items where necessary.


Specifications Template Size: 9" x 5" x 2.5"
Weight: 10.4 oz.
Available Colors: Red 



(1) Rescue Mask, Soft Case
(4) Nitrile Glove
(1) SWAT-T Tourniquet
(1) QuikClot, 25 g
(1) Compressed Gauze
(1) Trauma Bandage, 4"



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